Injuries and Insurance

Personal Injury Insurance


This insurance provides cover for registered players, match officials and club officials who suffer an injury during official training, games, sanctioned tournaments and events, sanctioned tours and representative matches and travel to or from an official training or game. The main benefits claimable are non-Medicare Medical benefits including ambulance, physiotherapy, chiropractic, dental, private hospital accommodation, loss of income and student assistance.

What to do if injured

  1. Please complete all relevant sections of the Personal Injury Claim Form found under resources, injuries and insurance tab on SUFC website. The information on what you can claim is on the front page of the Claim Form.
  2. Please ensure you complete all the required information in Section A. Section B will be completed by the Secretary of SUFC and Nepean Football Association. If applicable Section C will be completed by your employer and yourself if you are claiming loss of income. Section D will be completed by your medical provider/physician. Attach all non medicare receipts to the claim form.
  3. Forward the insurance form via email ( or post (PO Box 4014, Winmalee) addressed to the Secretary. The secretary will then complete and sign the club declaration section on the form and send the form to NFA who will complete the Association section. Once fully completed the Association will forward the form to the insurer. Arrangements can also be made to meet at the clubhouse on weekends during the season to help with completion of the form.
  4. Please note lodgement of claim forms need to be made within 30 days from the date of injury. Do not wait until your treatments have concluded before you lodge your claim. You can lodge your claim even if you have no out of pocket expenses.
  5. SLE (the insurer) will confirm receipt of your claim. Once you have received your Claim Number from SLE you can forward further Non-Medicare medical receipts to the insurer direct as your treatment continues (for up to 12 calendar months from the date of injury).
  6. If you do not receive confirmation from SLE that your claim has been received within a month of lodgement of the claim form please email who will follow up the claim with SLE and report back to you.




Personal Injury Claim Form