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Great Night for Make Up Matches at Summerhayes

Wednesday night saw a number of teams get the opportunity to make up for some of our rained out match days this season.
By all accounts it was a great night, the kids loved playing under lights and the canteen sold out of pizza's and hotdogs...
There will be future nights like this planned between now and the end of the season, so keep your eyes out for details from your age co-ordinators and the Clubs social media platforms.
A big thank you to all the committee, age-co ordinators, players and spectators who made the night a success!
Click on the images above to check out photos from the night on our Facebook Page.

Why Are Fields Closed When the Weather is Good ???

With the consistent rain across the association this year, many grounds at most clubs are sodden with water and unable to absorb rain or drain it away. Blue Mountains City Council manage sports grounds and declare fields open for recreational use as well as for sporting clubs and update their status accordingly.

Grounds may be listed by council as 'Open at Clubs Discretion' which means your Clubs volunteer committee members will inspect the fields and may declare the fields closed in order to protect the playing surface but above all else to identify if the fields are safe to play on. Matches may also be abandoned and cancelled by officiating referees just prior or during matches if conditions become unsafe for players to run and tackle safely. Player safety is important to players of all ages. 

The Clubs committees are keen to see teams take to the field just as much as the players and their families and the hard decision to close the grounds is not made easily. The Club thanks all our members and their families for their patience and understanding as we make efforts to manage the grounds as best as possible. 

Know Your Clubs Code of Behaviour Policies...



Football is a game that we all love and we are passionate about. Whether you are a player, spectator, parent, official, coach, or manager, please remember that you represent Springwood United FC and your behaviour must be in line with our Code of Behaviour to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants. Before you head out to a game this weekend, take the time to review SUFC's policies that apply to you.

Players Code of Behaviour
Spectators & Parents Code of Behaviour
Officials, Coaches & Managers Code of Behaviour

Any member who does not comply with SUFC's Code of Behaviour may be asked to leave the grounds and may later be subject to disciplinary sanctions, including being banned from future matches. We want your football experience to be fun, enjoyable, and safe, and we all play a part in making this happen.

Declining Registration Emails

New players to Springwood United FC in 2024 are advised to please ignore any emails you receive this week from the NFA that appear to be "declining your registration with SUFC".
These emails are going to person who had to register in PlayFootball and create an FFA Number in order to register. Administration reasons mean that now that you're set up with a number, your registration within PlayFootball must be declined/deregistered.
Rest assured you're still one of us at SUFC and we'll hopefully see you on the park this weekend.

First Strike Notification to SUFC


Most SUFC members would have received a communication from the Nepean Football Association yesterday advising SUFC had received a disciplinary strike under the new Three Strike Policy, as introduced by the NFA in 2024.

This Strike has been issued after an incident occurred where a spectator entered the field of play and yelled out to the on field referee and had an altercation with a ground official. The letter from Nepean FA can be downloaded here.

This behaviour is completely unacceptable and the Clubs committees acknowledge the disciplinary action and support the NFA's stance on player and spectator behaviour at matches across our association.

A Club wide newsletter was issued last night explaining and supporting this action by the NFA. This newsletter can be downloaded here.

All players, coaches, managers, parents, committee members, family members and supporters of the Club are asked to read and understand both communications in order to help eliminate poor behaviour at our football matchers.

If you did not receive either of these communications via your preferred email address, please advise the Club of your preferred email address (which should be the same as the address you registered to play with).

Please address any questions to:  chairman@springwoodunited.com.au

Interested in guiding the Club into the future?

 Hey young leaders! Are you 12-17 years old and ready to shape the future of our club and community?
At SUFC, we believe that everyone's voice matters, especially yours! That's why we're launching our Youth Committee, and we want YOU to be a part of it!    Here's why you should join us:
✅ Make a difference: Have a say in decisions that affect YOU and other young people in our community.
✅ Empowerment: Contribute to meaningful change.
✅ Develop skills: Gain valuable leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.
✅ Have fun: Enjoy exciting events, social opportunities, and new experiences.
✅ Be inclusive: Ensure that every voice is heard and valued.
As a member of the SUFC Youth Committee, you'll play a vital role in organizing events, providing feedback, and shaping the future of our club. Whether you're passionate about football, community outreach, social media, or finance, there's a place for you here!
Ready to make an impact? Apply now to join the SUFC Youth Committee and be part of something special:
Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a leader, make new friends, and create positive change. Join us today! 

So it's raining.... Is Summerhayes Open for Training ??

Moving forward SUFC Coaches, Managers and Members are asked to actively monitor the Clubs website each day as the point of truth for Ground Closures for the season ahead. Remember BMCC Field Status Website may well list Summerhayes Park as open however the Club may use it's discretion and close grounds temporarily in order to maintain playing surface and for other maintenance purposes.   

Remember, there is strictly No training in the Goal Mouths at any time and please avoid areas holding water.

Support Our Cadet & Junior Referees This Season


This weekend and throughout the 2024 season you may see some of the Clubs cadet referees or junior NRG referees looking a little different. If you have a Referee wearing a green armband then your game is being officiated by a person under 18.

Please encourage, support, and protect all our game leaders and officials on match day so we can all enjoy the beautiful game of football.

Members and their families are reminded of the Clubs Code of Behaviour for Spectators & Parents and importance of supporting our junior referees so that they become the referees of the future... Our game depends on them!!!

What Field Are You Playing On This Weekend ?

Training Session Times *Updated as of 27 March 2024

Coaches and Managers can check their confirmed training session time by clicking the image below. Any teams yet to book in a training session can still do so by emailing Tenille via: jpr@springwoodunited.com.au


Interested in being a Cadet Referee in Season 2024?

Club members who are turning 12 - 14 yrs of age in 2024 are eligible to become Cadet Referees this upcoming season. Anyone who is interested in becoming a Cadet Referee should complete the Expression of Interest by clicking on the link below. If you would like further information beforehand, you can email the Cadet Referee Co-Ordinator Tony Pipe via:  cadetreferees@springwoodunited.com.au

Interested persons should read and study carefully the Mini Roos National Playing Format & Rules for the age groups Under 8 & 9 and Under 10 & 11. Applicants will be asked to complete a quiz based on the information contained in these documents. It is also strongly recommended that applicants attempt the Laws of the Game Online Course at the PlayFootball Website.

This course is designed for those who may go on to become official referees and whilst it is not essential for refereeing Under 8's to Under 11's, it contains much valuable information and is a very useful learning tool for aspiring referees.

If you are ready to apply for our Cadet Referee Program, follow the instructions in the attached link.



Summerhayes Park is Open

Summerhayes Park is

As of Fri 12/07 3:41pm


Ground conditions will be monitored throughout the weekend. Keep an eye on website for updates.

Monitor: BMCC Field Status Webpage or call 47805617


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