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Change to Guidelines - Return to Play

Restrictions for community sports has tightened. To keep our players playing we must abide by these guidelines. 

As of 17th July 2020 the rules are;

  • 1 parent only per player ( no exceptions)
  • No grandparents;
  • No Siblings;
  • No Aunties or Uncles; 
  • The guideline of no more than 500 people at outdoor fields no longer applies;
  • The limit is 1 person per player only;
  • If any player or family members have been to any venues announced this week. ( crossroads hotel etc) they must not attend;
  • If any player or family member have had contact with anyone who has been to one of these venues they must not attend;
  • If any player or family member have any flu like symptoms they must not attend. 

We will be vigilant with checking this and you will be asked to leave if these rules are not followed, no exceptions

Full details are on football NSW website. 


Thank you



Return to Play guidelines have been released by Football NSW, effective July 1st 2020

  • All teams are reminded that they must continue to maintain a COVID-19 training record of attendance.
  • All Non-Competition teams (U5-U10) are reminded that they must maintain a COVID-19 game day record of attendance (including spectators).

All spectators are to adhere to the 1 spectator per player rule and are asked to follow the safety guidelines that are in place whilst attending Summerhayes Park.

Below is the link to the FNSW Return to Play guidelines



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Summerhayes Park is

As of Fri 14/08 6:43pm

Next Review 7am Saturday 15 August, 2020

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