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Members of Springwood United FC are reminded that they are not to make contact with the NFA and that all queries need to be addressed through the Clubs committee.

Additional players are still required for the following age groups:
O35 Men
AA Women (Div 1 & 3)
U10 Mixed
U11 Mixed
U10 Girls
U12 Girls
U14 Girls


All registration enquiries are to be emailed to 

2018 Season is Underway 

The first round of season 2018 is complete. We hope everyone played in good spirit and enjoyed a great game of football. Thank you to all who have helped getting the season off to a good start, helping out on the BBQ, setting up the fields well, packing up again at the end of the day, and to all who have volunteered their time as Ground Officials.

Season 2018 looks like being another great year at SUFC. Let's build on the great start and keep up the high spirit around the club. Teams are generally working well together to allow everyone to have an effective training session. Please remember to keep to your allocated time slot and field position, avoid training in the goal mouths, so that we all get the most from our training. As a club we have allowed access to 4-5 teams from BMFC for some training sessions, whilst their fields are closed for repairs. So you may see some blue shirts around, outside SUFC scheduled training times.

Please keep all your support and communication positive. There's been a few reported incidents of inappropriate language, both on the field during games and at training sessions. There's also been some great recognition from other clubs and referees about the good spirit at SUFC and particularly from SUFC teams on the field. Recognise good play, and good sportsmanship, support everyone in the game, both from SUFC and other clubs.

Finally a reminder to all to protect yourselves by wearing shin pads at training, as well as at games.

There's a lot of good resources available on the club website to help if you have any questions. And a good team of committee members who love to help our members to enjoy a safe, successful and supportive football season.

Summerhayes Park is Open

Summerhayes Park is

As of Tue 24/04 12:48am

Council's Oval Closure Hotline 4780 5617 or 

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Club Policy
'No Training In the Goal Area on all fields'.

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SUFC Registration & Fees Information to members 2018
The attached document contains all you need to know regarding registrations, registration fees, family discounts and the Active Kids Rebate Program.
posted: Thursday, 25th January 2018
Season 2018 Trial Sessions for Junior Competition Teams
Trial Sessions will be run in January for 2018 junior competition age teams.
posted: Wednesday, 20th December 2017
Springwood O35 in FNSW Champion of Champions Final
Our O35 Division 1 White team Coached by Steve Seymour has made it into the FNSW Champion of Champions Final.
posted: Wednesday, 18th October 2017