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Summerhayes Park is Closed

Summerhayes Park is

As of Mon 25/03 10:24am

Next review Wednesday 27th 16:00

Council's Oval Closure Hotline

4780 5617 or 

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'No Training In the Goal Area on all fields'.


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Team Formation for Returning MiniRoosTeams
Welcome back to our 2018 teams. Please ensure coach/manager/players are all registered and your team has the required number of players. Coaches and Managers must submit an EOI prior to appointment....
posted: Monday, 4th February 2019
Become a Sponsor for 2019
posted: Wednesday, 2nd January 2019
2019 Train On Squad Selections
Congratulations to the following players listed for Springwood United Football Clubs Train-On Squads for 2019.
posted: Sunday, 23rd December 2018