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Grading Update - U12 & U16 Boys

Plans to get the U12's & U16 boys teams graded will push ahead regardless of weather this coming Thursday/Friday evenings, though the forecast looks good.

U16 Boys All Players

Friday 5th March - 7 - 8:30 pm
This age group still requires more player registrations. Team formation will be discussed after Friday evening session with team formation plans to follow in the coming days.

U12 Boys   Thursday 4th & Friday 5th March

6 - 7:30 pm - For players wishing to be graded with others of similar ability, players who are new to football playing for the first time, players who play more socially and part of a friendship group and not seeking selection into our higher graded teams (i.e - Div 1)

6:30 - 8pm - Players wishing to be considered for Division 1 team selection should attend this session. Our expectation is that players trialling for Div 1 will form the basis of our 1st and 2nd teams in 2021. The grading team hopes that players and parents self assess their suitability for Div 1 selection prior to attending this session but all players are welcome to attend this trial.

What if my player is unable to attend either session?

If your player is unable to attend either of the sessions this week please forward me a brief email so I can note their absence. We will ensure they are thoroughly observed at the session they can attend or we will seek a comprehensive assessment of the player from last years coach and manager. Please ensure your player is not upset or disheartened if they have competing activities. We have good systems in place for grading and will be sure to place your player in the appropriate team with other players of similar skill and abilities.

When will U12 team lists be published?

After Friday nights session the grading will be considered and teams formations drafted. Coaches and Managers need to be arranged for all 4 teams so once players positions are known, those coaches and managers who have submitted EOI's for this season will be contacted and emailed the team lists for distribution. Some teams may have their team emailed to the parent group asking for someone to step up to coach and/or manage the team. My expectation is that U12 team lists will be sent out by Sunday evening.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Players still required in the following age groups:


As of 4 March

Limited positions are available for players in the following age groups.

U12 Girls – 2 to 6 spots

U12 Boys – up to 5 spots

U13 Boys – 3 spots

U15 Boys – up to 4 spots

U16 Boys – need 5 to 7 more players

All Age Women – up to 4 spots


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