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Goalkeeper Development Program 2022


A revised 6 week Goal Keeper Development Program will commence on Tuesday 19th July 2022 and will provide an opportunity for selected players to hone their keeper skills as we move towards the finals in August.

The program will run for the remainder of the season and is open to SUFC players (boys & girls) who are interested in improving their goal keeper skills and knowledge.Interested players are are asked to complete and Expression of Interest Form so that resources can be planned. There are limited places session.

Mini Keepers (U9 - U13’s) - Tuesdays 4 - 5pm

Youth & Senior Keepers (U14's to Senior’s) - Wednesdays 7:30 - 9pm

Chris Batchelor is a Football Australia qualified Goal Keeper coach who will be conducting the sessions. If you have any questions about the program, please email Chris via: chrisb.mc@springwoodunited.com.au  Interested players are asked to complete an GK Program Expression of Interest Form as spots are limited.

Updated Summerhayes Park Map

The introduction of the DRIBL Application in 2022 has seen some changes to the naming of fields. Please make a note of the name changes (SSF to Mini,  Mod to Midi etc). Ask a Committee Member if you're unsure of the location of your match and refer to the DRIBL app for your match day field and kick off time.


Vacant Committee Roles in 2022

There are currently a number of important positions that need to be filled including Vice Chairman and Coaching Coordinator.

We welcome interest in joining the Management and Football Committees so please contact the chairman via: chairman@springwoodunited.com.au  or the Football Manager via:    

Please keep across the Club’s Website and Facebook Page for further updates.


Summerhayes Park is Open

Summerhayes Park is

As of Mon 08/08 1:17pm

All Fields Open for training.

Mid week games on Tues & Thursday will affect training space.

For field status, contact BMCC on            4780 5617; or 

Visit: BMCC Field Status Webpage

Club Policy 'No Training In the Goal Area on all fields'.


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