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AGM Call for Nominations 2021


The AGM of the Springwood United Football Club will be held on Sunday 14 November 2021.

Venue: Summerhayes Park, Clubhouse
Time: 10:00am

In accordance with the Constitution, the positions of Chairperson and Secretary are still elected for an additional year. The positions for the new term on the Management Committee are as follows:

1. Vice Chairperson - 2 year term
2. Finance Officer – 2 year term
3. Football Manager – 1 year term
4. General Management Position – 1 year term
5. General Management Position – 1 year term

Life membership nominations are also called for. Please read the attached Life membership nomination form for the Life membership criteria.


All nominations are to be emailed to 

Springwood United FC Committee

Updated - SUFC End of Season Information 2021

Coaches and Managers have recently been emailed information regarding kit return and collection of team trophies, team awards and team photos.

This is scheduled to take place on the 14th November 2021. 

As we are bound by Football NSW Return to Play Guidelines, the current NSW Public Health Orders, and the Clubs COVID Safety Plan, we will not be holding a Club Presentation Day. Coaches and Mangers have received communication outlining the COVID safe collection of the teams' items, who will, in turn, arrange the distribution of these items with you directly.

Please contact your Coach / Manager for further information.


We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.


Springwood United FC Committee


Summerhayes Park is Closed

Summerhayes Park is

As of Mon 28/06 8:36pm

 Closed for all SUFC training activities and games

For field status, contact BMCC on 4780 5617; or 

Visit: BMCC Field Status Webpage

Club Policy 'No Training In the Goal Area on all fields'.

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Springwood United Member Protection Officer

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