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Nepean Football Association Fixtures Via DRIBL

How To Complete Your DRIBL Match Sheet Each Game


Match Status Explained...    In DRIBL your game may be listed as;

Pending - Means the game is yet to conclude and/or no score entered in as yet. (Does not mean the game is 'pending' going ahead)

Washout Reschedule - U8 teams and above to Senior teams should see this if game is cancelled due to ground closures. These matches will be rescheduled by NFA where possible.

Washout Cancelled - Likely to be seen by U5 - U7 teams where games are cancelled due to ground closures, but will not be rescheduled.

Complete - Indicates match has been played, Match sheet completed including ID Checks, Team Sheet Submitted, Game Completed, Score Entered, Both Teams & Referee have signed off on the App.

How To 'Activate' Your DRIBL Account

If You Still Need to Create a DRIBL Account


Now Your 'Activated' …… Learn How-To-Dribl ...
The DRIBL platform has fantastic 'How To' resources that have easy to understand instructions, videos and tips on doing all the actions of a Reporter & Recorder during your match day activities.

Check the link out below for all you need to know.

DRIBL is the new platform being used by the Nepean Football Association to manage all our game day needs.

Players, Coaches, Managers, Referees, Volunteers, Parents/Guardians and existing members will need to create and/or activate a Dribl account utilising their Playfootball registration email and passwords (which are case sensitive).

A Dribl account will allow members to view the published season schedule for their teams via the mobile app. It will also allow team officials to get access to their match sheets, which must be completed for all age groups in 2022. Results must also be reported for U8 and above age groups, though results won’t be published until the U12 age group.

Please only attempt to activate an account under your name (not your child/players name).
Dribl support team are starting to receive an influx of support requests from coaches, managers and parents/guardians who are activating their children’s profiles rather than their own or creating a new a profile for themselves.

On the new Dribl mobile app, Dribl have allowed the option for coaches, managers and players to activate their Dribl member accounts via self service registration. This option saves Club Administrators time in having to manually send out account activation emails.

In an effort to ensure seamless onboarding for all members and their respective family members, Dribl have created and uploaded articles that will assist in the proper account creation or activation process.