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SUFC Summer Football Playing Jersey’s

Many teams across the club will be participating in NRG’s Summer Football Competition being held at Summerhayes from September – December 2017

One of the requirements for Summer Football is that teams must have numbered jerseys. To assist teams in organizing this, Springwood United are offering your team the opportunity to purchase a SUFC UMBRO training jerseys.

You have a choice of a numbered only jerseys for $30.00ea or name and number for $35.00ea

If you have registered a team and are interested in purchasing a SUFC training jersey, please download the
Summer Football Training Shirt Order Form, enter your team details, shirt number (required) and name (optional) and Jersey colour.

Send your completed form to

Orders must be placed by Friday 25th August 2018 to ensure they arrive in time for KO!!

Download the Summer Football Training Shirt Order Form