Matt Dyer Memorial Striker Scholarship

3 May 2017

Nominations now open for players aged 11 - 18.
Further details can be found via the link:

 Moya, Russell and Isobel Dyer and Golden Boot Striker School have decided to continue with the football striker scholarship in memory of Matt Dyer, who we tragically lost in an accident in February 2015.

Matt played football from a young age with Springwood FC and in 2010 and 2011 played
representative football for the club. He was so passionate about playing football that in 2014 he played for both the Under 18’s and Mens Prems, sometimes playing three games as either the keeper or as a striker. Matt was selected to play college soccer in the US.

In 2014, Matt joined Golden Boot Striker School as an assistant coach. His fantastic attitude combined with his duel experience as both a keeper and a striker quickly cemented him as an asset to the school and he was loved and respected by all the players. He was dedicated and passionate about the school, attending as both an assistant coach and as a player as he prepared for the US. This scholarship is an ideal way to continue Matt’s legacy.

About Golden Boot Striker School

Established in 2013, Golden Boot Striker School (GBSS) is a professional striker specific coaching system, using qualified coaches to deliver measurable performance improvement, in a fun environment. It is designed for players in any attacking position (forward or attacking midfield). To find out more information visit the website

Submitting a Nomination

Any individual, body corporate, club or official can nominate a player using the official nomination form which is attached in the email or on the website
A nomination must be submitted to

Nomination Requirements

In 2017 a nomination requires:

  1. A completed nomination form
  2. Nominations will close at 5.00pm on Saturday 20th May 2017.

Please read all the eligibility, selection and other background before submitting a nomination.

For any queries or difficulties submitting your nomination please contact:
Michael Robson head coach on 0407 914 102 or via email

Registration Requirements

In 2017 the registration process will require:

  1. Acceptance of the nomination by Golden Boot Striker School
  2. For approved nominations, Golden Boot Striker School will supply a registration form to the player.
  3. The completed registration form must be returned by Saturday 5.00pm 27th May 2017

Who should be nominated?

Selection Criteria for the 2017 Matt Dyer Striker Scholarship.

  1. A player who desires to be a better attacker. An attacker could include:
    1. Striker;
    2. Left or right wing attacker; or
    3. Attacking midfielder.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The scholarship is open to players (both male and female) who reside in the Blue Mountains City Council local area.
  2. Nominees must be aged between 11 and 18 and therefore must have a DOB between
    1/1/1999 and 31/12/2006.
  3. A nominee must accept nomination and register for the Scholarship.
  4. As the scholarship is designed to identify new potential strikers, it is not open to current or previous Golden Boot Striker School players.

Selection Procedure

  1. After receiving the nominations we will
    1. Organise a Scholarship trial process (more sessions will be organised if the numbers require it).
    2. Conduct trials with a selection panel of coaches, assistant coaches and family
  2. Announce a shortlist of applicants.
  3. The Panel will watch each of the shortlisted applicants play a game.
  4. Announce winner.

The Scholarship

The scholarship will include:

  1. A full yearly program of Golden Boot Striker School involving:
    1. 1 winter term and 1 summer term, equating to 1 training session per week for 42
    2. A Golden Boot Striker School kit.
    3. The player will pay no fees.
    4. Total value of the scholarship is $3,024.
  2. Optionally, at the student’s discretion, a second year at half scholarship.
    1. The student can attend for a full year at half fees.
    2. Total value $1,386.

Winners’ obligations

  1. The player must be prepared to commit to at least one striker training session per week for the 42 weeks.
  2. The player and or guardian must be prepared to agree to and sign the Golden Boot Striker School player agreement and abide by the terms and conditions of the school.

Nominations can be made via the nomination form below: