Team Formation for Returning MiniRoosTeams

4 Feb 2019

Welcome back to our 2018 teams.

Please ensure coach/manager/players are all registered and your team has the required number of players. Coaches and Managers must submit an EOI prior to appointment.

U6 and U7 – min 4 max 7
U8 and U9 – min 9 max 11
U10 – min 10 max 12

Team name selection (U6 and U7): Alligators, Bears, Dingoes, Emus, Foxes, Giraffes, Iguanas, Kangaroos, Lions, Monkeys, Numbats, Wolves, Zebras.
Team Colour Selection (U8, U9 and U10): Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Maroon, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow.

Team names will be allocated on a first past the post basis.

If not attending Muster, please email completed forms to by Friday 15th Feb.

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