Ground Closures Information

Summerhayes Park Ground Closure Information

Your Clubs volunteer committee members will make every effort to advise of Ground closures as soon as possible. The Website is the place to check and will generally be updated between 3 & 4pm weekdays.


  • The Club's website is the point of truth for ground status.
  • Please refrain from messaging committee or the Facebook page.
  • At times the Club will keep grounds closed for football activities in order to preserve pitch conditions even though BM Council may keep or re-open grounds for recreational use by the community.
  • Please be flexible and patient allowing for Committee to attend Summerhayes Park and assess grounds and update our website.
  • When training recommences, please ensure no training is conducted in Goal Mouths, boggy areas or sections under repair.

 Ground Closures During the Season, Home & Away

 Your Clubs volunteer committee members will inspect grounds by 8am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Ground closures will be posted on the Club Website as soon as possible and the Nepean FA will be notified so that DRIBL Fixtures can be updated quickly.

Your game may be rescheduled to a different time and venue on the same day, so don't presume your match is cancelled just because Summerhayes Park closes.

If you are playing away from home, check out your opposition clubs Website, Facebook Page or social media pages to see if their home grounds are closing or not.

Continue to Check DRIBL until it is confirmed you game has been either Washout Rescheduled or Washout Cancelled.